Bootstrap 3.3.5 发布,该版本着重修复了 bug,改进辅助功能,以及文档更新。值得关注更新如下:

  • Updated to Normalize.css v3.0.3.
  • List groups now support <button> elements.
  • Cleaned up some extraneous padding on jumbotrons across various viewports.
  • Fixed input group sizing classes on all supported elements for real this time.
  • Applied a few tooltip and Popover positioning fixes.
  • Fixed behavior when using tooltips and popovers that are triggered by multiple events.
  • Fixed some memory leakage in the tooltip and popover plugins.
  • Fixed incorrect Affix positioning when a webpage has a sticky footer.
  • Fixed npm package to include all Grunt scripts, so that grunt dist works if you installed Bootstrap from npm.

更多内容请查看更新日志: changelog
Bootstrap是Twitter推出的一个用于前端开发的开源工具包。它由Twitter的设计师Mark Otto和Jacob Thornton合作开发,是一个CSS/HTML框架。目前,Bootstrap最新版本为3.3.5 。